The Dot

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The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds, (illustrator of the Judy Moody series) demonstrates the power of a little encouragement.

The teacher in this story, as do so many teachers, helps his student get past needing to have his artwork be perfect and just do it.

The Dot is a beautiful story about a little girl named Vashti who is encouraged by her teacher to take a risk. Vashti does not believe she can draw. She is filled with self-doubt until her teacher gently persuades her to, “just make a mark and see where it takes you.” This inspirational story shows how one reluctant learner gains self-esteem with just one dot. The support of her teacher gives Vashti the confidence to take risks and to grow.
Vashti then passes on her teacher’s words of wisdom to another student who does not believe he can draw a straight line. The author reminds us of the powerful influence of teachers. We all share the responsibility to challenge a child’s preconceived notions and to encourage them to grow.


Judy Moody

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