Princess Sariyah

Last Canada Day we were showing our friends from Spain how Ottawa celebrates the big day. Well, it turned out to that there was a blistering heat wave that day and SIX people were actually sent to the hospital. It was SO hot out!  Why is it that people from afar can’t believe that the weather in Canada can be hot too and not just cold. lolololo

Anyhow there we were in the sweltering heat, when all of a sudden I saw an absolutely beautiful young girl dressed up in a FULL length majestic princess outfit, white gloves and all! She was quite the sight as were the bevy of wide eyed little girls surrounding her.

Intrigued, I had to find out what was going on. So I waited my turn after all of the fair little maidens had their chance to speak to the princess and it was finally my turn. What I learned, made me really happy that I had waited.

Princess Sariyah was there to promote the book of the same name. Their mission is to encourage and inspire parents and children of all races to develop a positive self-concept by promoting acceptance and celebrating cultural differences.

I thought it was a wonderful idea back then, and I continue to think it is today.  What a great initiative.  The book is beautifully illustrated and a great addition to every classrooms.

For more information: Princess Sariyah Project


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