Homeschooling in a time of Pandemic

“By Friday, I was exhausted by my new job and convinced that public
school teachers should be paid a billion dollars a year. I had taken
their service for granted, undervalued their resourcefulness, fortitude,
patience, and energy. And while I was struggling to perform a fraction
of what they did, they were training hard, still showing up at work at
risk to their own health, to learn the online procedures on short notice
and set up new platforms for the city’s 1.1 million public school
students, with all kinds of hiccups to be sorted out, and for the most
part with little guidance. Surely, they were running on fumes, too.”

Published by Resources 4 Teachers & Parents

Resources 4 Teachers is an education website that provides material, activities, lesson plans, books and videos created by teachers for teachers, students and parents.

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