Teachable Moments in Self-Isolation

Like so many of us, you and your kids are stuck at home, in self-isolation, practicing “social distancing”. But not all of us can do this. There are people who are truly “out there”: the truck drivers, the grocery store workers, the EMS professionals, police, doctors, nurses, etc., etc., on whom we depend for essential services to keep our world, our society functioning, fed, protected and safe. But who is protecting them? Think about it! They cannot easily practice social distancing!

Well, many people are thinking about it. And some are trying to show their appreciation and thankfulness to this selfless behaviour. You can see signs on people’s houses and front lawns expressing their thanks and gratitude. Signs of this appreciation are also showing up on the Web.

And here is where I am going with this: you can show the kids how to partake in these expressions of thankfulness even while we are all cooped up in our homes. Artists are showing us ways to develop our creative skills while expressing our responses to the sacrifices and risks to which essential workers are exposed. Here is an example:

There are other examples at this location:


I am sure that the budding young students you have at home will be able to gain inspiration from them. Now, you can give them some paper, magic markers, crayons or whatever, and have them too express their gratitude that there are essential workers out there, continuing to serve us, while risking their own health and safety. I am sure that there will be people they know or know of, who are essential workers. Perhaps a friend’s mother is a nurse. Perhaps an uncle is a truck driver. Perhaps a neighbour is a policeman, fireman or EMS worker. These people close to us are all exposed to the potential dangers of COVID-19.

Today’s situation is closer to home than we may know. All we need to do is think about it! Reality can be a great inspirational force for budding young artists. And it can give them first-hand appreciation for what is going on out there in the world around us.

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