Into Wonderland

I guess you, like most of us, are facing the challenges of lock down, of self isolation. And then you may also have the challenge of coping with the children who you have at home with you. OK, perhaps it’s time for some expanded imagination to be applied to our current situation? More screen time? Arts and crafts with the kids? Or maybe we can do the old-fashioned thing, and read to them?

Now my late father had a certain gift, a talent not just for reading stories to my younger siblings, but actually creating and performing them “on the fly”. He would act out the various animal characters which he embedded in his extemporaneously created tales. Unfortunately I do not have that sort of talent, nor do I have that acting ability. So I keep just to reading.

Here is something about that, about how reading “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” can stimulate a whole new view of our current reality. And it is also about how it can stimulate your young (and maybe not-so-young) audience in this direction as well!I hope the following article can help you in your search to create an alternate more desirable mental state for yourself and your younger charges.

I quote from this article by Merve Emre:

“Now that we can no longer move about freely, no longer go to new places to see new things, we are trying to find ways to estrange the places and objects that are already familiar to us. A garden can be a chessboard. A tree can be a knight. A rock can be a mock turtle, and it can sing as badly as my younger son does, croaking and crying off key.”

Here is where you can find the article in it entirety:

Into Wonderland

This article may well give you a new perspective on how to read to kids. I know I myself am challenged in this area and have always been fascinated by those who could do this well.

Just remember: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

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