Is Your Pet in Lock Down?

OK, we are all stuck in lock down. Bummer! But what about your dog? Or maybe your kitten is stuck inside with you too. You might not know what your cat thinks. I know I don’t. I still have the scars on the back of my right hand where our cat scratched me back in about 1958! He was not happy with me! Why I don’t remember. But now, what does it matter.

cute puppy with his butt in his food dish

So why does my pet do these things? Check this out and maybe you might figure it out.

Just pet your dog gently, and scratch it behind its ears. Pet you cat, and maybe it will purr for you. And if you have a pet gecko or snake, I’m not sure what you do with them, except feed them and keep them comfortable. Your gold fish, just feed it and keep its aquarium clean. You don’t need to take it for a walk.

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