Art Appreciation for Your Best Animal Friend Forever

You’re stuck at home. Your pet is there with you. Is your pet enjoying being at home with you? Maybe this is a time to up your game and amuse both your pet and yourself? You could do like Jill Young did, and create an art gallery for your Best Animal Friend Forever (BAFF?).

The Gecko Museum in Dallas showcases classic masterpieces by Edvard Munch and Sandro Botticelli, reimagined for an, um, “cooler” audience (all images courtesy of Jill Young

As the article mentions:

“The Mayor, Young’s lizard, was unavailable for interview due to a series of Zoom studio visits, but Young shared his artistic and culinary preferences, commented frankly on the challenges of adapting an exhibition space to reptilian climbing habits, and even gave us a scoop on not-yet-announced shows at the Gecko Museum.”

See the rest here:

Woman Creates an Art Gallery for Her Lizard With “American Gecko” and “The Birth of Gecko”

This may be the latest example of a new trend. Apparently gerbil owners Filippo and Marianna may have begun this trend by setting up an art gallery for their gerbils Pandoro and Tiramisù.

Nine-month old brothers Pandoro and Tiramisù survey London’s newest art institution, The Gerbil Museum (photos courtesy museum trustees Filippo and Marianna)

See more about these cultured and sophisticated gerbils here:

A Couple Made a Mini-Museum for Their Gerbils to Visit During Quarantine

So what would you need to do the same thing with your favourite BAFF? You can go on-line to an art gallery and find out what works of art might be best for your BAFF. Then you can help him or her make their own versions of these famous art works. Make sure you get them to sign their art with a paw print, or maybe a nose print! If you BAFF does really masterful work, perhaps two treats instead of one would be a reward.

If you have a BAFF puppy, maybe you could do “Still Life with Bone”. For your parakeet you might like “My Favourite Birdseed Treat”. For your kitten how about “Colours That Make me Purr”. What do you think a BAFF guppy would like best?

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