Basic Botany for Kids: Grow Beans in a Bag

Botany is such a formal, academic term that I was not sure if I should use it here. Talk about intimidating! But if you want introduce a young(er) person to the marvel and wonder of plants, that is where you are taking them.

I myself never had to think about it. It came with the turf, so to speak. My uncles grew fruits and vegetables in greenhouses. Another uncle grew cut flowers in greenhouses. My father worked in horticulture (fancy term for gardening). And at a young age I got fresh eggs from the hen house on my grandmother’s property.

I wandered around the fields, greenhouses and meadows, and fished in the canals. And, Oh! Those stinging nettles hurt! Accidentally falling in the canal got me wet and covered in duckweed. And then my uncle let me dry my clothes on the hot pipes of the greenhouse boiler. All this by the age of seven.

And then we moved to Canada, and I ended up living on farms in fruit orchards for a number of years. I did like climbing the cherry trees to eat fresh cherries right from the tree. The rest of the immigrant experience? Nah, not so much. But, when you are young, you are resilient. And I got to drive truck and lay sod at age sixteen.

This was all part of my life growing up. So I kind of took all that for granted. But not everyone is raised that close to the ground. Nowadays, if you live in a house, the lot may be small. Or maybe you live on the umpteenth floor of some multi-story building. How will you ever get exposed to how plants grow? Well, there is a way, and here is how to begin the process.

spring stem and science for preschoolers

This is a pot full of oats, more commonly bought as grass for cats (cat grass). Here is the web site:

This web site shows you have to grow bean seeds in a jar, using only beans and damp paper towels. What could be simpler! Then there is growing seeds in egg cartons in used egg shells.

Egg Shell Seed Science for Spring

Another option is to grow beans in plastic baggies, again with damp paper towels. Cotton batten dampened will also do.

Watching seeds grow in a bag is a great science lesson for kids. Our seed germination in a bag gives kids the opportunity to see up close how a seed grows.
Bean seeds germinating in plastic baggies with damp paper towels

Here is where you can find out about how they did this:

Germinating Seeds in a Bag: Science Experiment for Kids

Kids will love sprouting their own seeds in a plastic baggie! With just a few materials, kids can watch seeds sprout by germinating seeds in a bag.

These bean seeds will germinate and grow quite quickly. It is exciting to watch the daily progress of the bean seeds as they sprout and grow.

Related image

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