Picasso in his PonyTail Period; Who is Your Muse?

We seem to be off on an artsy kick today! Well, that’s something we can do at home. Where do we find our own muse, our inspiration? We need a model to paint/draw/sketch. Just like another great artist, Pablo Picasso. You may have seen some of his paintings. He did sculpture too.

Pablo Picasso got his inspiration from many different sources, one of which was his models. Here is an example of what Picasso did, and the model of whom he made this painting. You can see why paintings of this time were called Picasso’s “Ponytail Period”.

LEFT: © André Villers RIGHT: A Sylvette portrait by Picasso

Picasso was a very versatile artist who lived a long and productive life. He could also do very life-like representation art. Can you draw a sketch of someone like that? Why don’t you go ahead and try sometime. No better time than now, actually.

“Sylvette 3” by Picasso.

So, now that you are at home, how about an art project, one you can do right there. Get your mother, father, sister or brother to sit for you so you can draw them like Picasso did Sylvette. If no one else is available, maybe your dog or cat will sit for you.

The dog is easy! Just say “Sit!’ to it, and of course it will. (If the dog won’t sit, you have another project that you can do at home!) Your brother or sister you may have to ask real nicely: Not so easy!

Once you have the sketch made, try and paint it like Picasso did Sylvette. Maybe you need to know that Picasso used African masks and art as inspiration. Try Googling them to see what they look like.

© Toby Jellinek

Here is where can see more of Picasso and Sylvette:

What Happened to Picasso’s Mysterious Teenage Muse?

Here is a magazine article from back in time showing more examples of how Picasso worked.

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