Easy Peezy Lemon Squeezy

#TheGoodViral has started something!

They have started “A Campaign of Hope for Kids During Covid-19”. They have issued a challenge. This is a challenge to you “kids”!

Kids around the world are struggling with depression and anxiety during COVID-19. For at risk kids the loss of school for stability and positive reinforcement its especially hard. A positive video message can make all the difference to a child who feels isolated and alone. And that’s where you come in….

This is a challenge that will help us all! You need to do something fun here. You need to make a video. But think about it first. Think about how we want to help all of us around the world.

person holding sliced lemon fruit

First you make a short thirty second video. Could be you. Could be your sister. Or how about your dog chasing the cat? Just make it fun and funny

Then you need to upload your fun video to #The GoodViral. Then spread it around to the whole world. You just need to start it. The rest of humanity maybe 6 billion of us will do the rest!

lemon water in footed glass

Just remember #TheGoodViral and follow the directions. They are important. Just remember that it’s a small world and we are all connected!

You need to read this carefully and follow the directions given in the web site listed here. They have some really good ideas that will help us all. Go Do It!


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