Our Childish Quest for Mysterious Objects

Kids find interesting curious things. It is testimony to the limitless curiosity that we have as kids. We are wandering around playing out of doors when we encounter noteworthy rocks and other items. Here is just one of those kids and the curious “rock” he found. Could it have been you or me?

Jackson Hepner found a mammoth tooth, then retraced his steps.

So what did you find when you were a kid? What have your kids brought home that seemed interesting noteworthy and worth putting on the bookshelf no doubt to gather dust until it disappears into the bottom of some storage box.

I myself have found flint arrowheads and spear points. I have found sharks teeth while beach combing in Florida. I have found an old 1920’s root beer bottle stuck in sediment at the bottom of rapids in a local river. i have found ancient fossil trilobites in the local limestone rocks. I have discovered quartz halite and blue celestite crystals in the rocks I came across. Beautiful and sparkling like the natural jewels that they are. No wonder they fascinated me as a youngster!

Large natural halite crystal

Oh yeah and then there was the garter snake we found at lunch time and took back into our grade 6 class with us. As you can imagine that was quite the hit with the girls!

Childish inquiring minds would like to know what is around them that is unique and noteworthy. I was amazed to find out that the halite crystal I found was actually the naturally occurring form of ordinary table salt. Who would have thought!

My ultimate objective is to stimulate and encourage the natural investigator and scientist in all of our children. I suggest that it does not matter whether our child searches the starlit skies at night for astronomical wonders or whether that child is fascinated by the intimate life of bugs in the backyard garden. Hopefully both would be of interest but the natural inclination might be to focus on one thing only.

I fondly remember Bob Payne from my school years who was fascinated by the life of fresh water clams. These we could find aplenty in the local waters of Burlington Bay. His ambition was to do a Science Fair project on the life of those clams.

Bob I hope you realized your ambitions! Just like me Bob was an ordinary kid from a pretty basic working-class background. But totally from his own imagination and from his own volition he came up with what was a pretty ambitious science project.

Here is a web site which discusses how to encourage our young would-be scientists to follow their dreams to reach for what may seem unrealistic goals in their younger years:


Once we give our kids the opportunities and point them in the right direction there is no telling where their natural talents and curiosity will take them! While the end result may be (only?) a life long meaningful hobby it could also very well put them on a journey that will in the end get them a career and maybe a Nobel Peace Prize! Seriously! We need to dream on!

Braden Vande Plasse (with Carl Mehling, in the field) found an unusual prehistoric fish fragment.

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