Once Upon a Time, We Too Were Only a Manic Heartbeat!

We do this for children; our children; your children; everyone’s children everywhere.

Because all children deserve to grow up and get educated in the best way possible and in the way that best equips them to reach their in-born potential we do this to help and assist them on their way. You go daughter! You go son! We are behind you all the way….

Newborn Baby Guide: Essential Gear, How-Tos, Tips, and More

Would it be too simplistic to point out that every child has a Mother? A Mother who wants the best for that embryonic little human being and wants that right from the moment she first becomes conscious of ‘it’ inside of her?

Here in honour of Mother’s Day is one Mother’s inspiring account of her first meeting with her yet-to-be born off-spring. This is a very personal account by Gabriela Wiener a Spanish author of some of her experiences leading up to motherhood:

On First Hearing the Manic Rhythm of My Baby’s Heart

As Gabriela Wiener points out: “Once upon a time, we too were only a heartbeat. Only much later do we become bigger than our hearts.”

I admit that as a man I could not read this with any direct personal experience. Then too when our two babies were in their Mother’s womb ultrasound had not yet been invented.

So now Mother’s Day is upon us again. Me I cannot visit my late Mother. She passed many years ago. But I can do something in her Memory. I hope I can encourage you and others to find the best ways to educate our children. In that way our children will be the very best they can and should be. This will honour the memory of all our Mothers throughout all of history. And I want to inspire all future Mothers to act on their noble intentions for future children who are yet to be born. Children are the future of our race!

Oh and just to help the talented Gabrielle Wiener please permit me to point out that as befits an author she has a book out:

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