Great Works of Art and Your Phone Get You Artistic Fun at Home

Cell phone apps are now a fact in most everyone’s lives. Here is one which will let you have fun while encouraging appreciation of Art and great Artists. Google’s Arts & Culture app lets you manipulate and change any photo based on the works of famous Artists. The results produce images that go from the sublime to the ridiculous. For example:

As always beauty is in the eye of the beholder! So should you be inclined to hand this app to let’s say your ten-year old who knows what the results might be. The objectives of the art could be from the totally insipid to the entirely inspired. And all involved can become art critics to judge the result.

We here are at the beginning of a rainy mid-May long weekend so the kids may be looking for some diversion. Here is a way to do that while letting them have art educational screen time. Comedic results may ensue but it will all be for the good! See more examples here:

Transform the World Around You Into Famous Artworks With This App

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