On-Line Learning: Reading the Tea Leaves

On the way to On-Line learning the human race was ambushed by the Corona Virus. Suddenly we had no choice: it was On-Line learning or Nothing! Well maybe home schooling is an option. But at some point education from sources outside the home do become a requirement.

In my home province On-Line learning became a contentious issue after the last change of provincial government. New brooms sweep clean and they thought they were that new broom! A prominent part of their program was mandatory On-Line learning. What motivated their push to On-Line learning was never clarified. Efficiency? Improved educational outcomes? Reduced costs of education? We never found out because the COVID-19 debacle intervened and everyone was forced to accept the inevitable: On-Line learning was here for the foreseeable future. But — what — is — On-line — Learning???

SOLS - STAR Online Learning System | STAR Autism Support

Turns out that there have been a number of prominent and educated people concentrating on that very issue for lo these many years. So perhaps Reading the Tea Leaves perhaps divining the On-Line Learning future may be something less arcane and less mysterious than I had thought!

Perhaps we as concerned parents and involved and more than marginally interested citizens (let alone our roles as grandparents!) can look to competent and passionately interested professionals for their input and opinions to guide us in our future actions as parents taxpayers voters and citizens. What we need to do is find these knowledgeable and talented professionals who can advise us on what should be our expectations for this new educational frontier.

K-12 online classes and activities to continue school at home ...

Here is an article excerpted from a CBC broadcast I recently heard. It is an episode of Nora Young’s Spark program. This part of her program discusses On-Line Learning:


Here is a link to the podcast of the entire one hour Spark episode which covers a number of different matters relating to how we as a society are dealing with COVID-19:



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