FREE! Virtual Creative Writing Summer Camp: On-Line

Free week long virtual program open to all teens.
No experience necessary. Designed and powered by Miami Dade College’s Miami Book Fair team of writing and book experts. This program runs August 3 – 8 2020. What Have You Got to Lose? It’s free. It seems like a new and potentially informative and wonderful program. And if it doesn’t work out you just drop out!

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What does it take to get someone to write? What does it take to get someone to write well? As a teen I myself never understood what it was to write what it was to be creative what it was to communicate with words on paper with anyone but the teacher on an exam or quiz just to answer an essay question and get a good mark. But I read a lot and somehow picked up the ability to write. If I do this well so much the better but I still wish others would be able to do this too.

That is why when I saw the announcement for this On-Line creative writing program I hoped it would be something at least ONE of today’s teens could use to bootstrap themselves into becoming a more capable and creative writer. If that teen becomes the next Dickens or Percy Bysshe Shelley the next Stephen King the next Margaret Atwood that would be great. By the way Shelley died on July 8 1822 almost 200 years ago yesterday (just do a quick Google on his poems and you just might be reinvigorated by the beauty of language in this case English!):

Oh, lift me as a wave, a leaf, a cloud! I fall upon the thorns of life! I bleed!

To find the next Atwood or Shelley would be great! But I would be happy just to have that teen become competent at achieving their own self-actualization and realizing their own potential through their abilities of expressing their talents through their writing!

Now you have already gathered that I don’t need to add: you need to register NOW! The closing date for registration is July 13. So go register if your are a teen. Or you need to talk to your teen now to register to get into this unique program.

Virtual Creative Writing Summer Camp for Teens

And by the way the comma key on my laptop still is not working. Did you notice?

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