Bill Nye the Science Guy Explains Face Masks

Bill Nye is legendary; he is just so much part of TV educational history. Here he is to explain face masks and how they work. Bill Nye uses fact humour and simple effective demonstrations to put across his point: please wear a mask in public! Just watch how effective the mask is when he tries to blow out a candle wearing a normal consumer-grade face mask: he can’t blow out the candle wearing the mask! Protect us all!

Simple? Effective? Elementary? And instructional? Yes indeed! For sure it is all of the above!

No sledge hammer educational techniques here. Just basic simple common-sense appeals to — common sense! Let’s all live by basic common sense and protect ourselves and everyone else!

Please stay safe and practice healthy living practices by wearing a face mask when in public. It’s OK to make it funny too!

Funny Cow Tongue Cloth Face Mask |

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