Re-Opening School for our Children

September is creeping up on us, and most of us still do not know if our children will be able to return to “normal” school like we would want them to do. Confusion and ignorance reigns supreme in most places as our school systems and our governments fight the challenges of this unruly time. We know what we want, but how likely do you think it is that we will get it?

For good and obvious reasons, others have been thinking about this as well and there is material available that can provide us with guidance as to what to plan for and what to expect. Here is a review of various international experiences which can guide us in what to do and expect. The countries involved are some of those that have well-respected and capable health infrastructure and governmental systems. These countries include Germany, Korea and Israel. Their experiences and the the resultant advice is not something to be ignored.

Admittedly the observations and advice presented here are not without risks, caveats and provisos. But I suggest that most of you already knew that the way forward would not be without complications and conflicting options. But such is life! What we need to do now is motivate our politicians and school system administrators to accept good science and the hard-earned experiences of other jurisdictions.

As an alternative to “normal” school openings some parent are organizing “school pods”. This in effect creates small local almost home-school based teaching environments. A local teacher is hired to teach a small group of children in what is in reality a very compact small private school. This limits the exposure of all involved to community exposure influences while providing an intimate teaching and tutoring environment for the limited number of students involved. This allows the participants to control the outside exposure of all participants so as to protect the health of all.

For those of us who have the ability to organize and pay for this option it would seem like an attractive approach to helping our children achieve their academic potential.

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