Moms are Special; Always

This is a story of a very special mother-daughter relationship that, beyond all reason and rationale continues beyond the mother’s death. In a very strange and ethereal way, the mother continues to communicate with her daughter beyond the day of her death. How is this possible? Well the mother, knowing of her eventual demise due to terminal cancer, cleverly conceals messages in places that her daughter will eventually find, even many years later.

This might seem both spooky and preternatural. But somehow it all seems to work out in the end. It helps that the mother when she was alive was in the habit of leaving notes for her daughter in various places, for example, in her school lunchbox. These notes became a daily ritual between them that seemed to continue beyond the mother’s death!

It is easy to imagine that these messages could be misinterpreted but it is also reasonable to realize that a crafty and imaginative person who knew of their own limited lifespan and imminent demise could “plant” these messages and thus provide an ongoing series of comforting and inspirational words to a child they passionately cared for and loved and hoped to reach from beyond their inevitable death.

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