A Rising Tide Lifts ALL Ships

 I heard this quote and I thought, wow, that is so true! It just really resonated with me for some reason. I felt like that’s it. That is what I’m going to put on my TPT shop banner. That is truly what I believe. I want my teaching resources to help other teachers. I have been there and stayed up until 3am doing report cards, not gone out and done stuff I wanted to do and said, “No, I can’t I have to work more times than I can count.”

You don’t have to. This summer I was teaching 3 novel studies to 3 different classes at the same time and I was OVERWHELMED!!!!! thought, oh my gosh I am going to spend my whole summer creating material to teach my classes. Then I went on TPT and for $3, yes my friends $3, I bought 3 novel studies for a total of $9.00. Was it worth it, you better believe it!

So be kind to you, unless you are a teacher, you have NO IDEA how much work we have to do. It is impossible to get it all done and have a great life outside of school at the same time. Stop just maxing out on life during the summer holidays, like I did. Now, is the time to get out there and do the things you like to do and see the people you want to see, because nobody is guaranteed tomorrow.

Really, aren’t you worth $3.00? Of course you are, you are worth WAY more than that. We all are! Now get out there and have fun! Your students and your friends and family will be happier with you, when you are happier with you too!


I create educational material for Gr. 3 to 8.

All the best,


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Resources 4 Teachers is an education website that provides material, activities, lesson plans, books and videos created by teachers for teachers, students and parents.

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