Halloween Math Symmetry

I created this resource originally with my friend, Julie. She was teaching Symmetry in class and thought of doing this type of an activity with a leaf, which is a beautiful fall activity to do with kids. I morphed it over time into a lesson using cute pumpkins to celebrate Halloween.

Although now that I’m writing this, I’m going to add more to it and do the leaves too, because don’t kids just live to pick up fallen leaves and see the beauty in them.

When we as adults stop, take a moment, and enjoy the beauty and wonder how nature created such a magnificent vibrantly colored thing, doesn’t it make us just that little bit happier, in that moment? What an easy thing to do.

Enjoy the happiness of moments in your mind often, relish them like a super, duper, double chocolate deluxe dessert, and pretty soon you’ll be feeling happier too!

Available here

With love,


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