City Mouse, Country Mouse; Just the Thing for a Child’s Imagination

As a young child I read stories that featured a wood gnome living in the base of a large hollow tree in a forest. The gnome socialized with the animals living near him. There were squirrels, badgers, a wise old raven, an inscrutable owl, mischievous jays, and mice. And of course there was a big bad witch to cause them grief. In these books the text which told the story, was richly complemented with many glorious illustrations intended to augment my childish leaps of imagination.

I am glad to report that, many years later there are still such imaginative stories being crafted for today’s generation of youngsters. It is such a wonderful thing to stimulate their young imaginations with well-crafted tales, particularly when these are accompanied by beautiful illustrations of the characters involved in the story.

The author featured here is Maggie Rudy who appears to be quite a talented, as well as dedicated artist. Ms. Rudy’s talents are directed at stories which involve mice. Yes, mice! Bear with me, as these are a most charming set of mice. And her books are richly illustrated with dioramas which she herself constructs. You can go to her web site to see quite a few more of these craftily devised dioramas:

Maggie Rudy has been doing this for over 25 years. Perhaps part of her inspiration came from her father who was a biologist. She also spent time in England and was inspired by a visit to Beatrix Potter’s farm on a third-grade field trip. There is lots of other artistic inspiration in her immediate family. So, Ms Rudy comes by her “chops” quite naturally. Her books would seem to be just the thing for a young audience.

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