How a Dutch Family Adopted Ollie and Dollie During Lock Down

Lockdown due to COVID-19 is something that people all over the world have undergone. And a few neat and interesting stories have shown up about people’s experiences during lock down.

Here is one to share with the kids. Photographer Jasper Doest and his family became close friends with two pigeons, which they named Ollie and Dollie. Jasper Doest documented their experiences with lots of pictures and a good description of how things went for them with their unconventional house visitors.

The Doest family, Jasper and his wife and two daughters Merel, 9 and Fleur, 6 became very intimate with the two “wild” pigeons they befriended. The article has lots of pictures and a good story, and will tell you what life was like last year during lockdown in Vlaardingen, the Netherlands. Whether you decide to adopt pigeons yourself, is entirely up to you.

At the end of the story, the Doest family is still in lock down. Ollie and Dollie: they fly off to freedom and into the open sky!

Coincidentally, my Aunt Lena lived in Vlaardingen for many years, and my grandfather had his barbershop in the town immediately to the east, Schiedam. If you dig into this blog, you will find a posting about my grandfather and me and my siblings going fishing:

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