Photography and the Creative Processes of Norman Rockwell

Photography has been one of my vices. And over the years I have enjoyed not only the taking of photographs and the associated darkroom work. I have also been delighted, fascinated and intrigued by the photographic efforts of creative artists. There are many that could be mentioned, but I won’t drag you into that here and now. But I will show you a web site I discovered just today which introduced me to some interesting imagery which was produced with the aid of photography.

It shows how the iconic American artist Norman Rockwell used photographs to visualize and create his visual masterpieces. Rockwell’s images may seem nearly obsolete now, but I find them adorable and fascinating. OK, so sue me! Why am I not allowed to be sentimental about the past, a past in which I grew up. If you care to, you too can enjoy these and marvel at how Rockwell conceptualized his masterpieces.

This website also includes comments from readers. There is a lengthy comment which I found quite instructive. The comment is by an animator who worked for the Disney organization for 12 years. I found his comments quite interesting both as they referred to his and Rockwell’s crafts as commercial artists, as well to the works of famous artists of the Italian Renaissance period.

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