Easy-Peasy Gardening in the Classroom (or at Home)

As sure as the days are getting longer, Spring will be here before we know it. Goodbye ice and snow, goodbye wet mittens and heavy coats. Hello sunshine, green grass, and leaves on the trees. And Hello to gardening again. So let’s get a head start on all that green stuff and start a garden right here in your home or in your classroom. Here is an easy, educational and fun way to learn about plants and seeds and growing things. If you do it right, perhaps you could even grow something for your lunch-time salad!

The easy way to get started is to use a readily available product called peat pellets. Here is a picture of what they are and how they can be used to grow plants from seed.

Peat Pellets with germinating seeds

Teachers and their students can easily start seeds of common garden varieties (no pun intended), like lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, etc. And where would you get these seeds? Just the other day I saw a seed packet display in my local grocery store. Garden centers, nurseries and on-line are other possible sources of both seeds and peat pellets as well as ready-made plastic trays that hold a whole bunch of pellets and keep them moist.

And none of this is very expensive. And with a plant like leaf lettuce they can actually get big enough to use as salad if you let them grow to a decent size. Any window sill (preferably south-west facing) would work.

Believe it or not, you could even take seeds from peppers, tomatoes, melons and cucumbers you buy for food and try growing them Just be sure to let the fruit go to very very ripe and dry them, before you try and plant them. However, the safest and most certain plan is to actually buy seeds in a packet so you can be sure that they are ready to grow.

There are many many on-line resources available for both novice and expert alike. In gardening there are always new questions and novel challenges to delight us and other innovative ways to do things. And it is not only vegetables you can grow. As this picture shows, you can also root cuttings of flowering plants such as geraniums in peat pellets.

Geranium cuttings rooted in peat pellets

Here is an alternative to peat pellets described in an on-line gardening website:

This is just one example of the many innovative ways gardening can be made fun, inexpensive and rewarding.

So if you wish to delve into seeds and plants and all that fun stuff, either by yourself at home or in the classroom, let us know and we can feature specific discussions with which we can all have fun and hopefully learn a few things too.

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