Humour is the Best Medicine for Teachers and Students Alike

At one time, not so long ago, we could label Technology-adverse individuals as being “Luddites”. For those of you unaware of the term, here is the Wiki entry:

Today we are literally overwhelmed with Technology to such an extent that you would need to get marooned on a remote uninhabited island to avoid it for any length of time. Lynda Barry is a comedian who has her own unique take on Technology and its uses. Just imagine your Remote Learning students here:

Boring meeting, you have a pen, the usual clowns are yakking. Most people will draw something, even people who can’t draw. I say “If you’re bored, what do you draw?” And everybody has something they draw. Like “Oh yeah, my little guy, I draw him.” Or “I draw eyeballs, or palm trees.” … So I asked them “Why do you think you do that? Why do you think you doodle during those meetings?” I believe that it’s because it makes having to endure that particular situation more bearable, by changing our experience of time. It’s so slight. I always say it’s the difference between, if you’re not doodling, the minutes feel like a cheese grater on your face. But if you are doodling, it’s more like Brillo.  It’s not much better, but there is a difference. You could handle Brillo a little longer than the cheese grater.

I am not trying to disparage Remote Learning. But if you have ever sat through long, dreary corporate Power Point presentations, you probably know how it feels.

Just to (hopefully) brighten up your Valentine’s Day 2021, particularly given the weather predictions for much of the North American continent, you can always get Lynda Barry to inject some humour into the situation. Here she is, the University of Wisconsin’s Assistant Professor of Interdisciplinary Creativity, cartoonist and author Lynda Barry (aka Professor Long-Title) on the future of education:

Here is the URL for the entire article from which the above was excerpted:

So, maybe we shouldn’t take things so seriously? Well perhaps humour IS serious business!

And if you have the time, check out the other Lynda Barry articles.

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