Remote Learning Tech Repair Questionnaire

“Remote Learning” has rapidly become an ongoing fact of life for all of us involved in education. COVID-19 has recently marked its first anniversary. At first I was going to use the words “birthday” and “celebrate”, but there is nothing here to be happy and excited about! But, let me stick to my knitting.

Even before the beginning of 2020, Technology was heavily featured in all of our lives. Smart Phones and laptops, the Internet and Google searches and on and on and on. The last year has dramatically accelerated the use of technology. Which brings us to the subject I am pushing here: the failure and repair of these devices. Phones get dropped. I even (by mistake) ran a large truck over one once! Laptops have drinks spilled on them. The dog chews the battery charger cable into bits and pieces. iPhone batteries come to the end of their natural lives after a few years.

What to do? Can these electrical and electronic problems be repaired? Yes, in many cases they can be repaired. But the trend by major manufacturers has been more and more to make that difficult or impossible for us mere mortals. Obviously the manufacturers would like to sell us the latest greatest whiz bang device so they can make more money.

iFixit is an organization that devotes itself to promoting and selling parts and tools for the repair of high-tech devices. They also provide extensive, comprehensive information on what and how to do repairs to popular high tech devices. They try and promote the move to repairable devices for a variety of reasons. Here is a website which would like your input on the use of high tech in Remote Learning. To quote them:

Due to COVID, there has been a shortage of laptops and tablets for students all across the country, and we want to help. We’re researching what devices students are currently using for remote learning, so that we can provide repair information to keep those devices in use—and out of landfills—for as long as possible. Thanks for any information you can provide about the specific devices your child uses for school!

Please take some time out of your day to complete their survey, as the ability to repair these devices will in the end benefit all of us and the planet:

And, to all of you, Happy Valentine’s Day!

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