Amanda Gorman: Totally Marvelous “Skinny Black Girl”

Amanda Gorman burst into my consciousness as part of the Presidential inauguration ceremonies on January 20, 2021. I was enthralled with her image. The dynamic yet restrained way she recited her poetry on that day was a bright counterpoint to the rest of the proceedings. Her poetic words paralleled her visual presence.

Here was a sprightly, smiling almost precocious young woman braving the January elements and the entire American nation’s scrutiny to present words of inspiration as part of an occasion which certainly deserves them. Just a”skinny black girl” indeed! Not a thing “skinny” about those words (and her presentation style) though! If she was not already, then she certainly just jumped to the head of the queue as role model for our youth.

Amanda Gorman’s name showed up readily when I Googled it. Here is her page on from when she became the first-ever National Youth Poet Laureate. ¬†Amanda Gorman is the author of The One for Whom Food Is Not Enough (Penmanship Books, 2015).

And just last week I ran across another Amanda Gorman reference on the web. This is a TED lecture for students which she presented:

Ms. Gorman comes across as almost shy and diffident, but still very much in control of herself and her chosen material. This TED talk is to be found in a larger collection of talks on a variety of topics, all aimed at students:

Check it out! There is lots there to interest you. And here is some more of Amanda. Please do note her age in each of these: